Welcome to Mount Olympus


Candle Candle

"As Zeus' mortal representative here on Earth I have been chosen to spread the word of the Gods. Unpleased with their long rest they have chosen to ask for your favour once again, this time using the new World of the Web to spread the news of their activities (actually Clotho is quite involved in spinning this new Web). Each of the Gods has chosen one aspect of the modern world to represent them and I have translated their wishes into these pages for you. So come now and climb the Mount of Olympus - come and see how each deity has chosen to portray themselves to you - come and enter the Home of the Gods..."

ZeusZeus has chosen to give you information of the Gods he rules over
AresAres has chosen the wargame Advanced Squad Leader to demonstrate his Realm
PoseidonPoseidon has chosen the nuclear submarine to represent his Dominion over the Underwater Kingdoms
AphroditeAphrodite has chosen to display works of erotic fiction to represent her Power over Sexuality and Love
HermesHermes as the Messenger of the Gods offers you links to other threads on the Web

E-ScrollE-mail me with any questions or comments you have about the site - especially if my links are out of date (Zeus hates that)


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